Quality Used 1999 MERCURY SABLE Taillight Assemblies

Great news! We have 8 variations of the MERCURY SABLE Taillight Assembly for the 1999 model year. There are several different Taillight Assemblies because there were a number of model options for the MERCURY SABLE line of vehicles in 1999. Please review the Taillight Assembly specifications below and pick the Taillight Assembly that best fits your need, and either purchase the Taillight Assembly online using our secure and convenient checkout or call us at (888) 883-4466 to discuss with one of our Taillight Assembly specialists.

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Used MERCURY Parts

In the 1930's Edsel Ford wanted to design a vehicle that would fill the price gap between the Ford and Lincoln automobiles. He wanted something that was large, stylish, modern and economical. Edsel had many different ideas on what to name this new vehicle line and he finally chose the Roman God, Mercury who was the fleet footed winged messenger and god of commerce.

The first Mercury was called the Mercury Eight and also known as the Super Ford. It was produced in 1938. It had a 95 horsepower engine which was 10 more horsepower than the Ford V-8, which made it a high performance car. At the time it was considered the most aerodynamic car in its era and was one of the first Ford Production cars designed using a full scale clay model.

Mercury vehicles are still going strong today and they are still considered to be one of the best built and stylish cars that Ford has to offer.

Modern cars and trucks require operating tail lights, and the tail light assembly is a key component of this. Taillight assemblies hold the tail light bulbs and electronics.

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