1995 GEO METRO Engine, 1.3L (4-79, VIN 9)

1995 GEO METRO Engine, 1.3L (4-79, VIN 9)
(exact part image not available for 1995 GEO METRO Engine, 1.3L (4-79, VIN 9))
SKU: 460700
Make: GEO
Model: METRO
Year: 1995
Part details: 1.3L (4-79, VIN 9)

Includes: Valve cover to oil pan.

Note: Engine and its internal parts are the only warrantied parts.

Does Not Include: Carburetor, alternator, A/C compressor, starter, exhaust manifold, intake manifold, or fuel injection system.

What to Expect:

Woodfins, LLC testing may include but not be limited to a run test, compression test for engines, visual inspection, research on the donor vehicle, and pan or fluid removal. We attempt to test every part to the best of our ability. All engines will be steam cleaned or pressure washed. All engines will have fluids drained. All engines will be shrink wrapped and banded onto a pallet.

Price: $1,099.96

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This is a quality used 1995 GEO METRO Engine from one of our certified recycling partners. In addition to our base 90 day warranty, this part:

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