Quality Used 2008 BUICK LACROSSE Wheels/Rims

Great news! We have 15 variations of the BUICK LACROSSE Wheel and Rim for the 2008 model year. There are several different Wheels and Rims because there were a number of model options for the BUICK LACROSSE line of vehicles in 2008. Please review the Wheel and Rim specifications below and pick the Wheel and Rim that best fits your need, and either purchase the Wheel and Rim online using our secure and convenient checkout or call us at (888) 883-4466 to discuss with one of our Wheel and Rim specialists.

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16x4 (comp spare)
17x6-1/2, (alum), 15 spoke, chrome
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(888) 883-4466
17x6-1/2, (alum), 8 spoke, (chrome, opt P23)
16x6-1/2, alum, (8 spoke), silver (opt PY0)
18x7, 9 spoke, silver finish (opt NW5)
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(888) 883-4466
17x6-1/2, (alum), 9 spoke (chrome)
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(888) 883-4466
16x6-1/2, alum, (8 spoke), chrome (opt PY1)
18x7, 9 spoke, chrome (opt QR2)
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(888) 883-4466
17x6-1/2, (alum), 10 spoke, chrome (opt P04)
16x6-1/2, steel
18x7, 10 spoke, chrome
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(888) 883-4466
17x6-1/2, (alum), 12 spoke, brushed (opt N85)
17x4 (comp spare)
17x6-1/2, (alum), 12 spoke, chrome (opt PZE)
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(888) 883-4466
17x6-1/2, (alum), 6 double spoke polished


Used BUICK Parts

Buick is owned by General Motors and is one of the country's oldest brands. It is a company full of tradition and innovation. It dates back to the turn of the century. They produce American luxury cars and focus on quality and refinement rather than sporty appearance. Over the years the company has expanded their line of vehicles to include SUV's and crossovers.

It was founded in 1903 by a Scottish industrialist named David Dunbar Buick. The Model B was the first car made in 1904. The company got the reputation of being a trailblazer in the 1920's when they introduced the four wheel brakes. In the 30's the eight cylinder Buick cars were introduced and became very popular.

Buick made its name my manufacturing large stately cars and downsized it models to meet the changing demands of the 70's and 80's. In recent years Buick has added SUV's and crossover vehicles that have been met with mixed reviews.

A rim is the outer edge of a vehicle's wheel, and is used to hold the tire. A wheel or a rim can be decorative or simply functional. A quality used wheel or used rim is a great way to replace a rim on a vehicle.

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All Woodfins guaranteed used auto parts are certified Factory Original replacements that are rigorously inspected and are eligible for a 3-year unlimited mileage warranty. That means that our used 2008 BUICK LACROSSE Wheels/Rims and all our many other used auto parts are as good as new, but available at a lower price. So why buy a brand new part for your already old car when you can buy an Woodfins used 2008 BUICK LACROSSE Wheels/Rims and save money, time, and the environment?

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Finding your part is easy. Find the make / model / year of your car from the lists below. Follow through until you find the exact 2008 BUICK LACROSSE Wheels/Rims you need.

If you don't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to call us at (888) 883-4466. Our team of skilled and knowledgeable in-house auto parts experts are eager to help you find and buy the used 2008 BUICK LACROSSE Wheels/Rims and any other part you might be looking for.